EventOn is a feature-rich WordPress plugin designed for creating and managing events on your website. Renowned for its sleek and beautiful design, EventOn allows you to showcase events in a visually appealing way, complete with calendars, lists, and various customizable views.

The core functionality of EventOn includes options for setting up single or multiple day events, adding event images, and managing event locations and organizers. It also supports the integration of Google Maps for easy location viewing, and has a responsive design, ensuring your event listings look great on all devices.

To extend its capabilities, EventOn offers a range of addons. These addons introduce additional features like ticket sales, RSVP capabilities, event countdown timers, and more. There are also addons for importing and exporting events, integration with Zoom for online events, and recurring events functionality.

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EventOn – WordPress Event Calendar Plugin4.6.4May 26, 2024


EventOn Action User2.4.4Mar 27, 2024
EventOn Advent Calendar2.0Jan 28, 2022
EventOn Bookings1.4.1Aug 17, 2023
EventOn CSV Event Importer1.1.10Mar 16, 2024
EventOn Daily View2.1.9Mar 27, 2024
EventOn Dynamic Pricing1.0Aug 18, 2023
EventOn Event Countdown1.1Feb 21, 2023
EventOn Event Lists: Ext1.0.2Mar 03, 2024
EventOn Event Photos2.0.1Mar 27, 2024
EventOn Event Reviewer1.1Apr 13, 2023
EventOn Event Slider2.0.8May 07, 2024
EventOn Event Tickets2.2.9Apr 17, 2024
EventOn Events Map1.5.1Apr 06, 2024
EventOn Full Cal2.1.1Feb 02, 2024
EventOn ICS importer2.0.2Jan 14, 2024
EventOn Include Anything0.6Oct 21, 2023
EventOn Lists and Items0.12Oct 21, 2023
EventOn PDFer0.7Aug 18, 2023
EventOn QR Code2.0.2Apr 17, 2024
EventOn Reminders0.7Mar 16, 2024
EventOn Repeat Customizer2.0.1Apr 17, 2024
EventOn RSS Feed1.1.6Aug 18, 2023
EventOn RSVP Events2.9.12Apr 28, 2024
EventOn RSVP Events Invitees0.5Oct 21, 2023
EventOn RSVP Events Waitlist1.1.1Apr 11, 2023
EventOn Seats1.2.5Apr 28, 2024
EventOn Slider Addon3.0.1Jan 19, 2022
EventOn Speakers & Schedule2.0.2Apr 13, 2023
EventOn Subscriber1.4.2Apr 17, 2024
EventOn Ticket Variations & Options1.1.3Nov 22, 2023
EventOn Virtual Plus0.2Oct 21, 2023
EventOn Weekly View2.1.5Apr 17, 2024
EventOn Wishlist1.2Jun 12, 2023
EventOn Yearly View0.12Mar 27, 2024



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